Why TwentyFour / 7 Innovation
Globalization and the Internet strongly change economic, social and cultural systems shaping new industrial dynamics where innovating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is the only way to survive. But effective innovation asks for new models and methods able to fit such an evolving environment.

Large firms have changed their approach from in-house R&D, typical of the XX century, to more complex strategies as Acquisition&Development, In-house Alfa/Beta Testing, Seeker/Solver Marketplace. The active participation of Venture Capital and Private Equity in the innovation market has increased financial viability for new ventures. The growing importance of information and knowledge management coupled with the rising speed, competition and complexity of global markets spread the adoption of Open Innovation strategies.

In this context new approaches to support seed entrepreneurship and early stage ventures based on web 2.0 principles appear to be the only way to cope with this stream of change.

Since these informal and interactive models are gaining importance also in Italy, the TOP-IX Development Program sets up the event to discuss these topics and to finally understand if we are ready for TwentyFour / 7 Innovation.

TwentyFour / 7 Innovation is going to be an informal and dynamic event, designed to analyze new innovation trends, discuss strategies and share experiences with people committed to the same mission: being innovative in the Next Web ecosystem.

A) Gathering cutting edge theories and experiences
B) Discussing new innovation models and tools based on the web
C) Rising awareness on the opportunities and sharing knowledge on how to be effective